By John, 25 June, 2020
A #Say Our Names protest sign: Tamir Rice, a reminder that black children can’t play outside with toy guns.

Tamir Rice’s birthday is June 25, same as mine. He was born 4 days before my son was born. My son and him are almost exactly the same age. Or they would have been if a racist system hadn’t murdered Tamir for playing with a toy gun. Tamir would have turned 18 this month. Tamir would have been leaving his parent’s home and starting out his life as an adult. My son gets to do all those things. Tamir does not.

Edit: My son, Owen, just pointed out that George Floyd was my age. Born in 1973.

By John, 1 April, 2020
CSS Nesting spec is a "Editor's Draft" (Stage 1) of the CSS Spec Process (from crazy idea to your browser)

At the most recent SingaporeCSS’ Talk.CSS meetup, I gave a presentation about how Sass’ cool nesting feature is finally coming to CSS. While it hasn't been implemented in any browser yet, we'll discuss the spec and how to start using it today in your CSS.

The slides of the presentation are available in the presentations section of my website.

By John, 8 June, 2016
Taipei Front-end Development Seminar

Last month, I gave the third in a series of front-end web development talks here in Taipei. The 10 attendees and I discussed style-guide-centric development and front-end development automation.

The seminar was designed to be hands-on, so we started by installing Node.js and downloading Zen 8.x-7.0-alpha8 so we could play with code while discussing the evening’s topics.