John Albin Wilkins

I’ve been a web developer for a long time. While studying Computer Science at the University of Illinois, I was one of the lucky few to use the very first graphical web browser, Mosaic 1.0, in April 1993. When Marc Andreesen left the University of Illinois shortly after, I anxiously awaited each of the beta releases of his Netscape 1.0 web browser. And I’ve been doing web development professionally since 1994—that’s a year before Internet Explorer 1.0 was publicly released!

My CSS creds go back to 2001 when Jeffrey Zeldman said “to hell with bad browsers” and challenged web developers to take CSS layout seriously. I was a charter member of the CSS-D group and, while helping in the table-to-CSS journey, became a humble CSS guru. Okay, maybe not humble.

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