Using the CSS Nesting spec today

meetup: SingaporeCSS Talk.CSS #49, Singapore, online

CSS Nesting spec is a "Editor's Draft" (Stage 1) of the CSS Spec Process (from crazy idea to your browser)

If you've used Sass, you know the advantages of nested rulesets. You may not know that there is an effort to bring nesting to the CSS spec. In fact, the CSS Nesting spec was upgraded from "Level 0" to a "Level 1" W3C Editor's Draft last year.

While no browsers have implemented the spec yet, you can use this new syntax today thanks to clever PostCSS plugins. It feels good to learn and implement new CSS syntax and it feels even better to help push CSS and HTML specs through the process and see them get implemented in browsers.

In this session, we will discuss:

  • why CSS nesting is cool
  • what's in the CSS nesting spec
  • what's not in the CSS nesting spec
  • how you can implement CSS nesting syntax in your code today
  • how you can help move the spec discussion forward
  • how to easily track CSS specs in general

John has been a web developer since 1993, so he's seen (and forgotten) a lot. He's also shared his experiences with open-source code and with over 80 talks across 4 continents.

css-nesting.pdf (702.24 KB)