Zen 1.0 theme now available for Drupal 5

By John, 14 February, 2008

After a month and a half beta period with only 5 bugs discovered (and squashed), the O-fficial Zen 5.x-1.0 version has been released. Yay!

Thanks to everyone who helped with new features, bug fixes and documentation suggestions! The help is greatly appreciated!

For those of you who haven't looked at Zen since its 5.x-0.6 days, take it for a spin. No longer do you need to un-theme the Deliciously Blue style out of Zen before adding your own styles. It’s a true base theme.

And the Zen theme’s support for sub-themes is superior than the standard sub-theme support offered by Drupal 5; Zen sub-themes can have their own template.php and *.tpl.php files (including a page.tpl.php and views theme wizard files.)

What’s New in Zen?

  1. Content-first layout method. You still have the choice of fixed or liquid layouts.
  2. Anything a main theme can do, a Zen sub-theme can do, too. Only better! (No, they can’t. Yes, they can!)
  3. Full on-line documentation. Seriously!
  4. Even more CSS comments. Tons of empty CSS rules with comments describing their usage.
  5. Complete Drupal 5 CSS reference. We’ve made a copy of all of D5 CSS declarations for easy reference, so you don’t have to dig through the core modules to look at their stylesheets.
  6. Even more PHP comments. We’ve added more example theme override functions.
  7. Extra-wide content won’t break your layout in Internet Explorer.
  8. Optional support for Theme Settings API. This API is built-in to Drupal 6 and is available as a contrib module for D5.
  9. 602 CVS commits, 31 feature requests, 35 bug fixes.

What’s Next?

Port it to Drupal 6, of course.

And if you’d like your sub-theme included with the next version of Zen 5.x, submit it to the issue queue.

Topics: Drupal, CSS, Zen, Design4Drupal


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Steven_NC (not verified)

16 years 5 months ago

Brilliant work. Looking forward to the 6 version. Thanks.

Great job. We are looking forward to taking 1.0 "for a spin". Even in its prior incarnations it was a great learning tool as we got into working with Drupal themes. I appreciate your work on this. Keep it up!