New challenges

By John, 17 August, 2013

Today I resigned from Palantir, a company I’ve called home for almost six years. I’ve done a lot of exciting work at Palantir, but it’s time for new challenges. I don’t even know what those new challenges are yet — I don’t have a job offer and I’m not starting my own company. (I will be trying to finish my book on Sass and Compass in between now and what happens next, so watch for that.)

In these past six years, Palantir has been very, very good to me. Before I started there, I contributed in small ways to the Drupal community as I built small client sites in Drupal. With the much larger projects I worked at Palantir, I no longer had to skip over interesting facets of Drupal due to short deadlines on small projects. Instead I had more time to shape those facets and then contribute the work back for everyone. The Zen theme and the Menu Block module are just two examples of work that exist due to my job at Palantir.

I also owe my current Drupal community prestige to the support of Palantir. (Thanks, George and Tif!) Palantir has a superb group of people that are a amazing to work with. If you want to work at company with amazing opportunities, you should check out Palantir. I have a feeling they’ll soon be posting a job opening for a front-end developer. ;-)

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Hey John,

I'm sorry to hear about your resignation! Palantir is losing a very valuable asset, and, I'm sure, a dear friend.

If, in the future, you decide that you want to work for another company, drop me a line. Propeople is looking for solid front end developers, and we'd love to hire you.

In the mean time, enjoy your time off! I look forward to seeing your book on Sass and Compass!