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By John, 12 June, 2009

Please rate and vote for my “I’m coming to DrupalCon Paris video avalanche” response. A free Drupalcon Paris ticket means more beer money. Daddy needs beer! So give me some lovin’, Drupal community!

Did I mention I rap about Drupal in the video? So go watch the “John Albin Wilkins” one and vote for me! :-D (See the detailed voting instructions below.)

Also, I’m behind in the polls right now! Help!

The Making Of The Video

So, I place the blame squarely (no pun intended) on Burger King for getting Sir Mix-a-Lot’s Baby Got Back song stuck in my head. And I place the blame for the very idea of singing about Drupal squarely on Jeff Robbins. (Btw, have you seen Arlo Robbins’ music video bug report? It’s awesome.)

I found writing the lyrics for the rap portion of the video surprisingly easy. Although, it’s debatable whether they are good lyrics.

I like Drupalcon and I can not lie.
You other webdevs can't deny
That when a CMS with an install base
has an API that makes hearts race
You get code
With the GPL
watched over by the likes of Crell.

I started by just pasting in Sir Mix-a-Lot’s original lyrics and then just going through line-by-line and replacing them with Drupal-specific words. That led to an interesting point in the writing where I was talking about how awesome Drupal is and then Sir Mix-a-Lot lyrics say “I get sprung”. And, while I am very excited about Drupal’s APIs, NOT IN THAT WAY! :-p

And I'd like to finish up this little behind-the-scenes indulgence by just saying how awesome my son Owen is. He’s so much fun. And quite the dancer, eh ladies?

The Video

How to vote!

There are 2 ways to vote…
1. YouTube Users2. Drupalcon Paris Users
Rate the video on YouTube
(but don't rate the other vids, or it’ll negate your vote for me)
If you’ve registered on the Drupalcon website, vote for it there.

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Deniel (not verified)

15 years 1 month ago

I just rated it maximum on youtube. Anything else you need from me? I think this video is good enough to b voted again and again.