The right way to learn CSS

By John, 7 May, 2012

I often get asked about recommendations I may have for good resources for learning CSS. I learned CSS during the dark ages. The only online resource was the spec itself (light blue paper background and all.) So I’ve never had a need to go out and find good CSS resources. But I stumbled upon a recent blog post by Nicole Sullivan (aka Stubbornella) called “Cross-Browser Debugging CSS”.

Arguably, that post is completely mis-titled. It should be title “The best way to write bug-free, non-fragile, light-weight CSS”. From the post its apparent that she learned CSS roughly the same time I did. But, unlike me, she spent some time figuring out and describing the principles that are so ingrained in my CSS authoring that it’s hard for me to unwrap. I’ve used them for so long its like muscle memory.

If you are currently learning CSS, stop what you’re doing and read her post. Bookmark it. Set up a reminder to come back and re-read it in month. Yes, learn CSS form other places too. But repeat until the principles she outlines become your muscle memory.


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