Drupal theming

By John, 18 April, 2012

This Friday through Sunday, I’m going to San Francisco to attend a sprint to “rebuild the theme layer” in Drupal 8. This is the next exciting step in a journey I started nearly 3 years ago.

I’ll hope you’ll join me at the sprints as we combat Drupal 7 and the Arrays of Doom!

A Drupalcon 2012 film: Drupal 7 and the Arrays of Doom
Modified slightly from a tweet by @SGreenwellUT

Scene 1. [Day break. Our themer is hunched over his keyboard writing awesome themes in Drupal 6, but he’s troubled.]

By John, 8 September, 2008

Originally published on http://www.palantir.net/blog/3-years-drupal-love

Like many web developers, I’ve written a lot of applications from scratch and I inevitably got to that point where I thought, “It will be much better if I write something re-usable that will help me with any application I want to build in the future. I should write my own framework!”