CSS is for Clark Kent. Sass is for Superman.

conference: Drupalcon Sydney 2013, Sydney

The CMS: 2013 is Drupal. 1993 is a web developer.

With the all new technologies we have to learn as web developers, we have to be Superman. Powerful and super-fast. Learning CSS3, responsive web design, mobile first and HTML5 all at the same time makes it challenging to be our best.

If you feel like you don’t have time to learn a CSS preprocessor like Sass (“Not another technology!”), you are relegating yourself to life as Clark Kent.

Not only will using Sass make you faster, but it will make you faster immediately. Yes, there’s a learning curve with Sass, but by the end of this session, you’ll be able to develop the styling for your site much faster than you could by writing plain CSS.

Clark Kent didn’t know he could fly until he tried it. You can fly. Just use Sass.

We’ll be covering all of these awesome topics.

  • Never write a vendor prefix again. CSS3 without the pain.
  • Embedding images with Data URIs.
  • Never have to refactor your image sprites again.
  • Designing to a vertical rhythm with ease.
  • Make a config.rb file to simplify transforming Sass into CSS.
  • Designing responsive layouts with Zen Grids (a Compass extension).
  • You’ll also learn some of the features of Sass, of course! Comments, variables, nesting, parent references, mixins, arguments, @import, and partials.