D7 Theming: so awesome you’ll need a change of pants

camp: Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit 2009, Seattle, online

Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit, October 24 & 25, 2009, Seattle

The changes to the Drupal 7 Theme layer aren’t revolutionary, but there are so many improvements, you may have trouble… ah… controlling yourself.

  • Crappy-themes-be-gone™
  • Template cleanup
  • Numerous name changes (like sidebars and menus)
  • phptemplate_ prefix is gone
  • $classes and $classes_array
  • theme functions and preprocess functions
  • More regions, less hard-coded page variables
  • Holy crap, content is now a block!
  • template suggestion wildcard
  • JQuery UI
  • Granular theming
  • html.tpl.php
  • hook_page_alter()